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"  : Finding any technical difficulty for downloading, installing, and activating the  on different devices? Check out the simple instructions for all these three processes . " How to Activate AVG? If you already have the product installed on your computer and you only need to activate or reactivate your AVG, Go through the steps. In case, AVG antivirus is already installed on your system, you just need to activate or reactivate your antivirus. Follow the instructions to activate/ reactivate  : Step 1: Double click on the AVG icon on your Desktop or if no there, check for it in the notification section on the task bar (the bottom-right corner of your computer screen). Step 2: A new Window will open up with Activate or Reactivate option. Chose an option required according to the need. Step 3: If the option doesn't appear in the menu section, it is possible that you might open the AVG Zen window. In tha